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Abhik Mitra Ex-Managing Director
TNT India
Shabbir had been associated with TNT India for the past 3 to 4 years during a period in which the organization has seen tremendous change and growth. He has been hugely helpful in supporting us through this period in terms of leadership development, especially with regards to coping and leading change. From an external coach and mentor perspective , he has been instrumental in working with us to coach the leadership team and in making effective leaders for TNT India. All the assignments which he has delivered have been successful and has achieved desired objectives. He has an appreciable understanding of the Managers / Leaders behavior and works around them to help them grow
Aneesh Reddy Co-founder & CEO
Capillary Technologies
In a startup environment, where things are changing quite fast - collaboration is the only way to adapt to the change fast enough. Through the deep conversations that Shabbir enabled at the offsite the leadership team realized the importance of both the hats they wear - the team leader hat and the company leader hat. The offsite clearly helped us articulate behaviours/ rituals which would help us collaborate better. In the last 8 months since the offsite we have definitely collaborated much better as a team and helped quickly adapt as massive disruptions from Covid-19 hit us. I would definitely recommend the exercise (Top Team Synergy & Alignment) for all companies big and small.
Arun Jain Chairman
I am working with Shabbir over 6 years. I admire his ability to 'Ask right questions' which enables him to surface right issue for resolution. His sharp focus helps in better execution of the People practice improvement projects. He has sharp ear to listen to 'what is unsaid' which again helps in spotting value creating opportunities.
Ashok Reddy B President- Global HR and Corporate Affairs
Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
We used Shabbir for our Visioning and Vision deployment initiative. We continued our deployment initiatives right through the down turn and we realized that associates found this very motivating and useful.
Ashroff Omar Group CEO
Brandix Group
Shabbir has been an advisor and consultant to the Board & Senior Management of Brandix for over 6 years and we have gained immensely from his expertise on Strategic Human Resources & Leadership Development. Shabbir with his numerous visits to Sri Lanka, understands well the Sri Lankan Corporate Culture and has been a very successful Executive Coach for many of our CEO's & Senior Leaders at Brandix. We are delighted to engage his firm Valulead Consulting on Executive Coaching & Leadership Development interventions.
BVR MOHAN REDDY Chairman & Managing Director
InfoTech Enterprises Limited
We have been consulting with Shabbir Merchant for over the last three years and find Shabbirs knowledge and understanding of Human Resources to be outstanding. His advice on Employee Engagement, Employee Retention and Employee Development have been highly beneficial to us. He has great passion and commitment towards all his engagements
Dileep Ranjekar CEO
Azim Premji Foundation
Dealing with Shabbir is sheer delight for many reasons. What strikes me most among these reasons is his no-nonsense and yet immensely customer driven approach. While he goes out of the way to understand his customers, he also drives them do their best in achieving the common goal. Shabbir is a unique consultant who offers you a seamless blend of theory and practice to deliver value that is disproportionately high.
Dr. Anita Bandyopadhyay Ex-Vice President & Head Learning & Development
Piramal Healthcare
Shabbir is an extremely skillful coach - he connects to the coachee very quickly and is able to respond to their varied needs very well. His coaching process is geared towards setting personal and professional coaching goals and then he helps in looking at options to develop an action plan that lead to enhanced performance. According to one coachee from my organisation "we had practical issues discussed with practical answers.
Dr. Stephen Rhinesmith World's leading expert on ‘Global Leadership’; Author of books such as ‘Head, Heart & Guts’; ‘Leading in Times of Crisis’; Ex US Special Ambassador to Soviet Union in President Ronald Reagan's Administration
Shabbir Merchant combines his own experience as an executive with the latest research on leadership to provide powerful insights to the leaders he coaches. In my 6 years with him I have found him not only effective in his executive coaching, but a thoughtful and solid member of one of the leading executive education teams in the field. His careful research-based approach allows him to develop practical recommendations for increasing individual and team effectiveness.
Husein Esufally Chairman
Hemas Group

Shabbir has been a key partner to Hemas over the last decade in our efforts to build a mission ready Leadership team. In particular, his Executive coaching sessions have had a hugely transformational impact to the individuals. His coaching methodology balances well the needs of the individual and the business, and Shabbir's keen insight and disciplined execution usually produces good outcomes. More recently, Shabbir has worked closely with me and the Board, in identifying and on-boarding a successor to the position of Chief Executive Officer. This was a challenging assignment needing maturity and managing change at the highest levels.

Krishnakumar Natarajan CEO - Managing Director
Mindtree Ltd.
At Mindtree, we partnered with Shabbir on a 'Top Team Synergy' initiative for our Global Leadership Team. Shabbir's facilitation style of being concise, practical & business oriented resonated very well with our Top Team leaders & enabled us to have very meaningful conversations. Shabbir's engagement also helped us get the Top team aligned on key initiatives. As a Consultant he is quick to understand the business context and custom designs team interventions which yield the intended outcomes. It has been wonderful to see the maturity & ease with which Shabbir is able to engage with multi-cultural C Suite leaders on a range of Leadership topics.
Makarand Khatavkar Group Head - Human Resources
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
“I have worked with Shabbir on key leadership interventions. Shabbir has deep understanding of organizational dynamics, works passionately with clients and ensures measurable results. It is a privilege to know him as a friend and a fellow professional.”
Manoj Rajimwale CHRO
"It has been an absolute delight being associated with Valulead Consulting for our Leadership Journey that we launched in 2018 for our middle & senior level Leaders at Endurance Technologies. We are very happy with the outcome of the Leadership Journeys done for various batches. Our Management Team has witnessed the project outcomes in the form of Action Learning Plans that each participant implemented post each module. We appreciate your hard work, your vision to align the program to organisation needs and your master delivery which has left the participants in awe. We thank Valulead Consulting & your team. "
Marshall Goldsmith
World's No. 1 Executive Coach & renowned Leadership Development Guru
Shabbir Merchant is a graduate of my ISB Coaching program. I have been very impressed with his dedication to providing great coaching and his understanding of the coaching process. If you choose Shabbir as an executive coach, he will dedicate all of his energy to helping you achieve positive, lasting change in behavior.
Mr Rajan Mittal CEO & President - Metrod Malaysia; Director - Atyati Technologies Ltd.; Director - Leela Goa Ltd.; Director - Spykar Lifestyles Ltd.
I have known Shabbir now for the last few years. He has supported us across our various diverse businesses covering Retail, Financial Services, Hospitality and Metal whether in terms of candidate selection for leadership roles or leadership development workshops. We have found his leadership workshops very productive and highly engaging. His ability to put his viewpoint and assessment is superb. It has been a privilege to learn from him. We wish him all the success.
Murtaza Esufally
Chairman Hemas Hospitals & Hemas Pharmaceuticals

Thank you for helping us design & deliver an outstanding flagship leadership development program for the top 150 leaders of Hemas.

The program design, the delivery & the follow on work with Action Coaching were well designed & well received. I have no doubt that we have set in motion some systemic changes in the leadership style & effectiveness of the Hemas top leadership. I have no doubt that this will translate into great business outcomes in the years to come. We look forward to delivering this program in the years ahead.

Shabbir - you have been & will be truly an invaluable partner in the transformation of leadership at Hemas

Thanks for such gre

N S Parthasarathy- (Partha) Managing Partner – Mela Ventures
Two years into our journey as a VC firm at Mela Ventures, when we started to think about building it as an institution, the first name which came to our mind was Shabbir. Having seen him work at close quarters, I love his intensity, patience, his keen sense of observation and preparedness. Not taking anything or anyone for granted, with high energy and commitment he led a two-day workshop to help us craft our Vision and Values. The incredible reading materials that he circulates, the homework he gives with clear deadlines and the stories he shares – all of it make Shabbir a wonderful person to work with.
Peter Block
Leadership Development Guru & author of several best sellers like 'Flawless Consulting' & 'Stewardship'
Shabbir brings unmatchable experience and a great humanity into the work. A person of integrity and vision, all that he works on makes a difference in all the right ways.
Surekha W Ex-CEO
Colombo Stock Exchange
The Executive coaching session was held almost immediately after I took over as CEO of the CSE in 2006 . For the first time in the 20 year history i of the CSE the Board of Directors selected as CEO a member of the senior management team having interviewed outside applicants as well and I am the first woman CEO. Shabbir's skill as a communicator, his intelligence, knowledge and compassion helped break the ice and gave me confidence to share my fears and challenges with him. He has the talent for 'listening' and 'hearing' what is actually being said. Shabbir has the knack to reach out and connect with the person he is coaching which is a very important facet for a coach.
Swati Rustagi Director - Human Resources & Chief People Officer
Max Healthcare Ltd
I have worked with Shabbir at Valulead several times over the last 10+ years. What motivates me to go back to Shabbir and Valulead is the sharpness of the solutions across multiple interventions - Sales manager development to First time Manager or Manager of Manager's programs or be it HR business partnering skills workshop or Leadership intervention with top management for integration across multiple entities.

The feedback of all workshops has consistently been at 90th percentile and above, both in terms of participant experience and outcomes post workshop. What stands out is that it is not a standard set of concepts and generic content that is offered, but each time with
Leadership Learning Interventions
Why is this important :
Leaders learn even when there are no formal Learning Interventions. The challenge for organizations often is how to reduce the cycle time of Leadership Development at various levels. This gives birth to the concept of “Accelerated Leadership Development”, which is the need of organizations in Asia today. Designing Leadership Interventions goes beyond the traditional “Workshop / Training” paradigm. Concepts such as “Leadership Exchange Programs”; “Study Missions”; “Social Learning Project”; “Action Learning Projects” etc. are integral to Leadership Learning Interventions 
Services offered by Valulead in this practice :
  1. Design of Non Workshop based Leadership Learning Interventions (such as those described above, which can get implemented by an internal team within the organization)
  2. Design & Delivery of Leadership Development Workshops for: First Time Managers; Middle Level Managers; Senior Managers. (Some of the workshops are : People Engagement Skills; Fundamentals of Leadership; Performance Engagement Skills; Building High Performance Teams; Emotional Intelligence; Self Leadership; Leading Change)
  3. Leadership Development for HR Leaders (This is specially for the HR fraternity in an organization)
Methodologies Used :
  • Non Workshop based Learning Interventions follow different learning methodologies, which include “Learning & Coaching Diaries”; “Learning Presentations”; “Learning Stories” etc.
  • Workshop based Learning Interventions include : Case Reviews; Leadership Models; Film Study; Role Plays; Video Simulations; Self Assessment Inventories etc.
Key Benefits :
  • Accelerating the Leadership Learning process
  • Leaders at each level equipped with tools which enhance their impact in a leadership role
  • Structured development investments to build Leaders for the future
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